Audio is too quiet to hear.

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Re: Audio is too quiet to hear.

Post by McLovin »

I am going to assume that you are using Gnome, (please correct if I am wrong). The easiest way, and most common way, to fix this is to double click on the volum icon in the taskbar, that will open up the volume settings dialogue, this is where you will find the levels for all the volume settings. Just look for the ones that are at about half, and turn them all the way up, that should help with your volume issues.

Re: Audio is too quiet to hear.

Post by rivenought »

Welcome to the forum, adityyo11.

What McLovin shared is usually the cure all in the majority of "low audio" situations. In addition, I have seen where the "alsa mixer" and "alsa mixer gui" packages (installed with Synaptic) have helped with some instances of extra configurations. You might wish to check into that if McLovin's advice does not help. Good luck.
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