PIxxo Mouse ML-G135

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PIxxo Mouse ML-G135

Postby TerminusVox » Mon May 11, 2009 9:29 pm

Hello All!

I've just built a system up from parts and installed Linux Mint 6. I bought a Pixxo ML-G135 Mouse. http://www.mypixxo.com/product/ML-G135.html It's a 5 button plus scroll wheel mouse but in my noob-ness I didn't check for support for this product under my projected operating system (LInux Mint). it works okay with the native support but I'm not able to use the forth and fifth buttons (the ones under the thumb) commonly used for "back" and "forward" in net browsing. Does anybody know if someone has developed a driver (software, program?) to make full use of this product? Thank you in advance!


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Re: PIxxo Mouse ML-G135

Postby Husse » Thu May 14, 2009 8:53 am

There are some lines to write in a config file for this - it used to be xorg.conf but that will be ignored beginning with Felicia
The lines are the same though
Here is a good post about how you get different types of mice to work (in xorg.conf)
For Felicia you have to do it slightly different
Scroll down to More on writing fdi's to see what the config file should look like
Just below Input Configuration with HAL there is a description of what you do with the file
It seems that you can call it what ever you like - mouse.fdi would be a good choice (I used quite some time to find that out)
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