Random suspends caused by wireless card

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Random suspends caused by wireless card

Post by Galn » Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:22 pm

Hello dear community of Linux !

I have a problem since I get some issues from a bad octal on a wild chmod. I had to install an old version of the kernel and re-update it to the last version. :?

Since I fixed this issue, my laptop is now suspending randomly and I'm sure it's caused by my wireless driver or something related. :shock:

Here is the logs from the system trace : https://pastebin.com/vstZTAXE (the logs are old but it's always the same thing)

As you can see on line 52 at 11:12:26 the system suspends and I need to press Start button to wake it up.
And when I read the logs, the lasts lines before the suspend are wireless related.

Also, here is some driver informations about my laptop (Thinkpad model 13 (not yoga)) :


Can anyone help me to fix this issue ? Feel free to ask more informations.
Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english. :)

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