Driver for Canon P-150 scanner

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Driver for Canon P-150 scanner

Post by youen » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:36 pm

I have the exact same issue as described here.

Building went fine, and I have an amd64 .deb package to install, which went fine as well.

But then I have the exact same behavior as explained in the opening post.

After playing a bit with strace, it seems the file that is compiled and installed by following the blog post instructions is found but not loaded (more specifically, when it finds it will do a lot of things in strace, but when loading it immediately moves on to the next driver, so I assume it does not actually load it). I assume this is why when adding the configuration in canon_dr.conf it will find the scanner, but it doesn't work because it tries to use the wrong .so file.

I've also tried to build against the latest version of libsane (actually tried 1.0.25 and 1.0.27 in addition to 1.0.19) but it doesn't change anything.

I've also tried to install on a 32bits linux in a virtual machine, but the original .deb file fails to install (with no meaningful message).

I have searched a lot a fix for this issue, but nothing seems to work. It's quite a shame that a product marketed as linux-compatible actually isn't. They've just thrown a bunch of source code and binary blobs that may or may not be of any use, and don't actually provide any support, not speaking about updates for newer systems. So that's it... now that I've moved away from Windows, my scanner is as good as bricked :-(

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Re: Driver for Canon P-150 scanner

Post by pdc_2 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:41 am

in the linux world, folks seem to have a binary choice: use drivers supplied by the manufacturers (of the hardware);

or use some open-source software; could I suggest you join the mailing list of the SANE folks ... sane-devel because it is this wonderful synergy: you have the hardware; they have much expertise in engineering drivers .............. your device is listed as UNTESTED: if you can work with them ........... please let us know how it goes ..............

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