The Problem Persisting No Sound At All...........

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The Problem Persisting No Sound At All...........

Postby sm-gm » Mon May 18, 2009 4:47 am

Hi ..
I newbie ... Linux OS
I worked on all latest version of ubuntu ,mint,mandriva, pc os,puppy.foresight,fedora,etc....
But I feel more friendly with Linux mint
it is almost like ubuntu
although all things are working rightly and finely
but the problem is that I couldn't get the sound
When I login It give the Sound
And After that no sound for any thing..n for..any application
It give no problem , When playing any audio or video using any player it look work fine
but without sound
I have Gnome and Alsa Pulse Audio
I checked All the information provided here but i couldn't get it....
Please Give Information In details because I Am Totally New to This
please help to solve this problem
Thanks in Advance.. :D
Below My Desktop Configuration --------------->
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Re: The Problem Persisting No Sound At All...........

Postby Husse » Wed May 20, 2009 5:21 am

You have to tell us more facts.
The minimum is exactly which Mint you have - which version and which edition (main or any of the CEs)
We also need to know a bit about all your hardware.
Run " lspci " in a terminal and post here (to avoid misunderstanding - the first character is a minor L and you copy by marking with the mouse and then right click)
Some wifi and possibly built in sound can be connected to USB even if they are internal - if you suspect you have one of these run " lsusb " in a terminal.
Also tell us if this is using mint4win or not, quite important
This is a standard answer so it may not be fully applicable to your situation
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Re: The Problem Persisting No Sound At All...........

Postby dlkreations » Wed May 20, 2009 2:57 pm

Why are you running as root? I hope that is not your default user. If it isn't, have you logged in as your normal user and seen if this problem persists?
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