Kodak Digital Camera

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Kodak Digital Camera

Post by repease »

I have a Kodak Z1012 IS digital camera that I am trying to get working with Mint 7. Any idea if there are any special drivers or applications that I need to make this work? :?

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Re: Kodak Digital Camera

Post by pdc_2 »

increasingly, cameras "work" when you plug them in; you have used a USB connection, and plugged directly into the computer? (A USB hub can interfere with camera recognition: I had that problem with my Panasonic;) For my Panasonic, I went into the menu, and set the connection in the camera to be PTP and that allowed the computer to spot it; (and you selected the switch on the camera for computer download, rather than take photo?) With our recently installed Mint system, the computer recognised the Panasonic; opened the camera up as a memory device, and also asked which programme we wished to use: I selected F-Spot;

if still no joy, with your camera plugged in and turned on; type
and post the results back to the forum:

I haven't done a google search on your camera: I am taking the assumption that most digital cameras will eventually work; you could google search on "linux configure Kodak Z1012 IS" and see what you get ..........

Is Mint 7 not a development release?

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