Mouse acceleration wont go away

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Mouse acceleration wont go away

Post by slugger7 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:24 pm

So I have been trying to remove the mouse acceleration from my desktop at home running 18.3 cinnamon with a Corsair M65 Pro. I have tried most if not all of the methods in

When doing this on my work machine running 18.2 cinnamon with a logitech g402 I used the

Code: Select all

xset m1/1 0
and that worked perfectly.

For some reason the m65 still has the mouse acceleration. I've looked in the settings but the acceleration is on its lowest and there is still acceleration.

PS: My testing method for mouse accelration is to bump my pointer to the left side of the screen while the mouse is against my keyboard (which is on my mousepad). Whip the mouse to the right without it hitting the right side of the screen. I then slowly bring the mouse back to touching my keyboard and then measure the distance that it is off. In my case it is 1/8 of my screen depending on how hard I whip the mouse but it does not have to have a lot of speed to hit 1/8 of the screen size.

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