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USB Turntable

Postby thomase » Thu May 28, 2009 1:49 am

Hi all, I want to purchase a USB turntable to record my old LP's on to cd. through mint7. According to the info I can find, the unit is for Windows-Vist/XP/ etc. it is bundled with Audacity software, BUT the supplier thinks it may not work in linux because of the firmware in the unit, :( , ... table.html, has anybody had success with a similar project. (My old amp record section is kaput :( ) USB is USB and Audacity is Audacity?
Cheers TomH

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Re: USB Turntable

Postby andersau » Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:41 am

I have an ion usb turntable, ( which works fine in linux. A similar model is available at Dick Smith: ( ... iew/AE8405)

The ion turntable has a built in sound card, and you have to select it as the recording source in audacity when you record tunes. It did take me a bit of fiddling before I could work out the sound settings, but that was the only problem. It is a reasonable quality turntable and I also plug it in to my hi-fi. One negative is that it does not have a cover that you can close over the turntable.

I'm not sure whether the model you metioned will work with linux, but the fact they mention it works with mac is probably a good sign.

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