Recommended beginner xp-pen graphics tablets?

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Recommended beginner xp-pen graphics tablets?

Post by mianhua » Sun May 13, 2018 11:56 pm

So, I had a black XP-Pen Star05 , it was my first tablet and I had it for almost 1 year, but recently I lost the pen and I can‘t buy one where I live so I would have to buy it online, like I did with my tablet. So instead of that, I decided to just buy a better one. Screen Tablets are too expensive for me, so I was looking at the XP-Pen Star06 ( ... B072TZ1WQ2 ), wich I've heard is called the best non-screen tablet, but it was also a little bit on the expensive side for me. In my opinion the XP-Pen Star05 was decent, but I also dont have experience with other graphic tablets, so right now what I'm looking for is something in the middle between a XP-Pen Star06 and the XP-Pen Star05 ( ... B01MAZ5FDL )quality-wise, that will also hopefully be not as expensive as the Star06 .

Looking for a relatively cheap graphics tab (under £100). It does not have to have a display but should connect to my mac and be compatible with photoshop.

I have little experience in that area so I am hoping you can

What would you suggest?

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check the digimend list for support

Post by pdc_2 » Mon May 14, 2018 3:49 am

but should connect to my mac and be compatible with photoshop.
..... so you want to use this device on Mint? We tend to just answer Mintie things here

for Mint, you might be best to stick to the devices listed on this page

I have seen posts on ubuntu forums where various x-pen didn't go too well; you could google and see if things are better more recently; ... -elementar ... 06-to-work

however the above list should ensure reasonable chance of getting things going; on Mint, the mate version does not offer a config icon for tablets: whereas Cinnamon does; so maybe a better DE

we had the loan of an Ugee M708 and it was plug and play; (and seems cheaper than the xp you mention)

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