RS232 PoS Customer display ...

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RS232 PoS Customer display ...

Post by MyIdea » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:49 am

I'm trying to revive an older PoS system for a friend of mine and got most of the stuff working (Linux Mint 19 + open source PoS software, RS232 Citizen kitchen printer, USB NCR ticket printer+connected cash drawer).

However, I cannot get the customer display to work.
This is a device similar to Epson DM-D110 2X20 display, The one I have has no visible brand/model reference, but in the bottom socket there is a printed circuit board that mentions 'FT-030512' and 'VFD CONNECTION BOARD V1.0'.
On the PCB are 3 connectors: 12V power, RS232 DB9 (to computer), RJ45 to display unit.
When the display is powered up, it shows:

Code: Select all

==== WELCOME ====
Character : Germany
Code table : CP858
RS232C : 9600,N,8,1
The display is connected with serial cable to COM5 port on the PoS computer.

From what I find on internet and various forums, some kind of driver (printer driver ?) should be installed for the display to show text. I've been searching and reading up for some days now, but all I can find are some windows drivers & tools from Epson, NCR and the like, nothing useable for Linux ... I even tried (generic) "RS232 VFD driver linux" ...

My questions :
Can anyone point me into the right direction as to
- what driver to use with this kind of display ?
- any program/commands that can be used to test the display after installing driver & before trying to activate in the the PoS software ?

Many thanks !
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