Wireless driver problems with Dell Latitude E6500

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Wireless driver problems with Dell Latitude E6500

Post by qwertymcqwertz » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:37 pm

I recently threw Linux Mint on my Dell Latitude E6500, and am having quite a struggle getting it to utilize the wireless LAN card that is built-in to the laptop. I have tried almost a dozen different guides re: this laptop and chipset to fix the problem, but to no avail. I would like to start from scratch diagnosing the issue, but I am a complete n00b, honestly, and don't know where to start. I'm not sure if the driver that was initially trying to be used (Broadcom 802.11 STA wireless driver source, apparently) is the one that I should be using, and if not, which driver should I be using?

If someone could help me to at least understand what the issue exactly is, that'd be a great start. People seem to have a lot of trouble with this specific laptop and broadcom card, and I've tried most guides that purport to fix the issue, but nothing has worked so far.

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Re: Wireless driver problems with Dell Latitude E6500

Post by Lord Boltar » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:32 pm

First lets check your wireless card - open terminal and copy/paste or type in

lspci | grep -i wireless

This should tell what kind of card you have - If it is indeed a Broadcom then open your Synaptic Package Manager and search for these 2 files

firmware-b43-installer and bcmwl-kernel-source

and install them if not present

reboot and see if it is detected
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