Intel HD Graphics 630 LM19 HP ED 800 G3 DM 65W

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Intel HD Graphics 630 LM19 HP ED 800 G3 DM 65W

Post by CalebO5 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:17 am

I have an HP EliteDesk 800 G3 65W DM (W/Intel HD Graphics 630 (Integrated)) that I installed Linux Mint on it and my problem is that when I load it up in UEFI mode, I can't do or see anything at all. No cursor, no commands running down the screen, no sound, anything. So I looked this up and there was no help on the web for this except for telling me to go into my BIOS and change the setting from Legacy: Disabled to Legacy: Enabled. So I booted with Legacy enabled, still nothing. Then if that didn't work, once I was on the GRUB menu for Linux Mint installation, hit e and change the word containing quiet splash to nomodeset. Success! Code flowing with all success, a cursor, and the startup sound. But I got a warning from Linux Mint telling me that I was using software rendering instead of hardware rendering. I ignored it and proceed with the installation.

One reboot later and boot time! Fail no screen, no sound, or cursor. No problem, I shut it down and looked up how to get into recovery mode and I got into the recovery by hitting the Esc key (for some reason, I also saw that it could be shift, or space.) and tried the same parameter that I did for the installation, replace quiet splash with nomodeset.

Finally! Progress but I still I don't have an applicable screen resolution and the OS in UEFI mode (If that matters at all for Linux Mint or if that grants any advantage for Linux Mint to run better or something idk). So I installed all updates via both update manager and command line, then went onto installing the drivers for my graphics. Well turns out I can't even find them, hop over to intel drivers page and found the driver page but no .deb package or command to install them. So I just rebooted and hoped for the updates to work but nope, went back to the same screen as before. So I rebooted again and did the same thing when I was booting for the first time, hit Esc, change quiet splash to nomodeset. And no change.

So now I'm stuck with Linux Mint not having drivers for my Intel HD Graphics, screen resolution not being correct, and no UEFI mode (Complaint above). I hope I can have all the help for the problems listed above and anything that I was doing wrong in the process to correct it and make it work on my PC because Windows for me is not my style but Linux is my kind of an OS that I would love to have installed on a pc but for it to be compatible.

Again any help is appreciated and would be helpful for me to be able to run Linux Mint on my HP PC :)

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