MarbleMouse Config confused me

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MarbleMouse Config confused me

Postby badsba » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:34 am

Hello @all,

so, i kicked off windows all of my PC's and using ubuntu now. Everything now better and i am realy happy about using Linux (tried it sometimes in the last 15 years). Only one thing still confused me because i can not find the correct configuration.
The Problem: I have a logitech Marble Mouse (Trackball)
I found thausands of Howto's and tried them all, nothing will work correct.
I changed to Mint caused some other problems could not fixed on Ubuntu, but on Mint (respect, Mint is a great System and i am real happy about using it now) -> Graphictablet still work on Mint with fdi-Policy but do not on Ubuntu :o
I test and change everything to get the Trakball working:
set-button-mapping etc.

nothing appears (i tried also every inputdevice for mouse configurations, just to get shure the Trackball use the correct Driver/Name)

Theres my question to you:

Mint is using Ubuntusystem, so it still use those hal fdi Policy for configurating the mouse correct (it used it for my graphictablet thats shure)? If not -> what / where do i have to configurate Mousebutton (wich file or config).

Something i stil found in lshal -> input.x11_driver = 'evdev' (string) <- could this be the correct driver?

I could remap by use the xinput set-button-mapping but nothing appears and after reboot i losed these settings (Still wondering why mouse-wheel.fdi didn't work).
I test firefox configuration if it's work well or not with an real 3button mouse and it works fine.

Need help finding the correct place for configurating the Trackball, please.

grettings from Germany


At all thx a lot for helping

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Re: MarbleMouse Config confused me

Postby Husse » Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:10 pm

hal fdi Policy for configurating the mouse

Something like that, yes :)
How to do it is described here
If you know how it was done in xorg.conf you can transform that into fdi with a bit of help from there
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