just beeps, no CDs playing any more

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just beeps, no CDs playing any more

Postby ratoju » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:48 pm

I installed Linux Mint 6 universal edition, and everything was ok (including sound generation) until I wanted to skype.
Installing skype software was easy.
problem: I have no sound and MIC support for skype.
Motherboard: ASUS P4S533-MX
I bought a headset Sennheiser PC 121
First measure: buy ultron PCI sound card, install hardware. Tried to find a setting using available system drivers; did not solve problem.
2nd: deactivate onboard sound card in bios; tried to find a setting using available system drivers; for once I could hear Skype's call back voice, but MIC did not work.
3rd: try to avoid compiling driver; failed
4th: start procedure following manufacturers instructions for linux drivers. Interrupted at decision point Do you want to make experimental kernel?
5th: update all packages recommended by MintUpdate.
Situation now: even during the login screen there is a rhythmical beep, always same tone, 2-3 beeps per second. Trying to play a CD fails, just hearing the same beeps.
I am trying to get rid of most Gates products, but this is an unexpected delay.
Which next steps could be recommended? I looked around and downloaded a script to compile relevant system information, see attachment.
Please do not hesitate to request further info. Any help is appreciated.
output of ./utils_alsa-info.sh
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Re: just beeps, no CDs playing any more

Postby DrHu » Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:45 am

http://forum.skype.com/lofiversion/inde ... 01484.html
--try working with skype-static-oss
    apt-cache search skype
  • skytools - Database management tools from Skype to PostgreSQL
  • skype - A VoIP software - Medibuntu package
  • skype-common - A VoIP software - common files - Medibuntu package
  • skype-static - A VoIP software - static variant - Medibuntu package
  • skype-static-oss - A VoIP software - static-oss variant - Medibuntu package

http://forum.skype.com/lofiversion/inde ... 01484.html
padsp skype

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