Latest kernel, touchpad glitch?

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Latest kernel, touchpad glitch?

Post by tpprynn »

It was a gamble I suppose but I've installed the latest kernel 4.20 in the hope that the hotkey display would work with my pretty new laptop, a Lenovo 120S. Now I'm finding the tapping facility keeps cutting out, seemingly after running Firefox (and only sometimes). I'm turning the touchpad off and then on again to get it to resume working. During its blackouts the touchpad buttons do still work.

Is it best to revert the kernel in this situation or is that just another gamble? (I don't remember ever doing this in the past for any reason but I see that people do uninstall problematic new kernels, from googling.) Or is there a quicker fix?

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Re: Latest kernel, touchpad glitch?

Post by deepakdeshp »

While booting grub you can choose advanced options. Noe you can reboot to any of the installed kernel.
ukuu id a handy utility to install or remove kernels
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