Speccing a non-gaming Linux computer

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Speccing a non-gaming Linux computer

Post by vladtepes »

I use Windows for gaming and there's no reason for me to change that as I will always have a windows computer as well. (Not a place to argue that)

Will be used for internet, photo editing, video editing, and the usual libre office type doohickeys.
Essentially anything that doesn't involve high-spec modern gaming. At least not as far as I can see.

I'm looking to keep the physical size smallish (but not mini-ITX).
I'm looking to keep expenses down as much as is reasonable.

- mobo mATX format I'm not welded to Intel or AMD.
Need onboard wifi which will work with Linux Mint.
Prefer NVMe M.2 SSD support, and ideally for two drives.
- CPU I'm not welded to Intel or AMD.
- GPU (may not even get one. Most things I might want to do can probably be done by onboard graphics)
- RAM - minimum allowance for 32Gb. Ideally DDR4 or equivalent
- SSD/s - at least 1Tb total capacity). Ideally NVMe M2

- PSU - Not sure how many Watts I'd need to run a system as described, including say up to a 1080 or equiv. (futureproof).
The tricky part is I probably need to get one in SFX format and they are a tad expensive.
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Re: Speccing a non-gaming Linux computer

Post by battlenut »

I know you said no Mini ITX, I built a little linux machine based on this board ( https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product. ... 6813145086 ) that is perfect. had to have motherboard outside of case when installing OS due to needing a kernel upgrade, to be able to use 2400G IGPU. but its a great little machine. I have it stuffed inside an INWIN Chopin case with a Noctua CPU cooler and the board has onboard wifi.

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