Scanlines on LCD HDTV

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Scanlines on LCD HDTV

Postby Apewall » Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:37 pm

Having an issue with scanlines showing up on a Zenith Z32LC6D LCD TV with Mint 7(9.04 Jaunty) and the default opensource "radeon" drivers on an ati x1900 XTX

Gnome applies the correct resolution 1360 x 768 and shows 60hz as the refresh rate.

The TV specifications are:
Resolution 1360x768
Horizontal Freq - 47.720
Vertical Freq - 59.799

I have tried setting the frequencies of the refresh rate in modlines without success, so either i'm doing them incorrectly, they are not being used, or they do not resolve the issue.

The scanlines also do not show up it seems when the machine boots up at first, after hours of usage they can be noticed. The same machine has an Windows XP partition which when used never suffers from scanlines at all, neither does any other device used with the TV.

I'm not sure where to go from here, the proprietary drivers no longer function with my card, any suggestions?

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Re: Scanlines on LCD HDTV

Postby Husse » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:44 pm

Search for modelines and my username (in advanced search in the forum)
I have recently answered a few questions about modelines so you should easily find something useful
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