Dual Monitor Problem

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Dual Monitor Problem

Postby blobms » Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:03 pm

I am running Linux Mint 7 on an Asus Eee family PC (900A).
Thus far I love the idea of my small ultra portable Netbook running a Linux based OS and having the option to hook up to my Dell 22" monitor when I want to get down to business. But I am having intermittent trouble with my dual monitor setup. I have all the power management options set to not disturb operations while the laptop lid is closed or plug/unplugged. I also have all the display settings set to recognize the 22" monitor and yet the monitor will just blank out periodically. I will toggle the function keys between pushing the display b/w LCD or native and effectively regain my laptops display but not the 22" Dell display. The only thing I have found to regain my external display is to Restart or Shutdown my system. But then I am left playing Russian Roulette until it craps out again.

Is there a driver update that might help? Am I expecting too much from my Eee PC to display to a 22" external monitor?

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Re: Dual Monitor Problem

Postby barrieluv » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:00 am

blobms wrote:Am I expecting too much from my Eee PC to display to a 22" external monitor?

No, not at all. I hook mine up to a 37" TV via SVGA and use the gnome-randr-applet to switch the display between the Eee and the TV. I've never experienced the issue you have though. In Power Management everything is set to Never on AC and Battery and closing the laptop lid is set to blank screen.
Is it a case of your machine going into hibernation or suspend? Does this only occur with a particular app running?
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