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Printing Service Not Working - SUDDENLY

Posted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:56 pm
by RubyStone
Hi Folks,
I don't want to re-install Linux ever time I go to print something so I want to ask simply -- why am I getting this message all of a sudden when the only thing I do is install regular updates and basically check my email, etc. The system I am currently using has had no major issues but suddenly it has stopped. I haven't installed any new programs and I have applied all regular (safe) updates. The last time CUPS was updates was back in August and there we no issues from that.

Printer is flawless with Windows and is connected by WiFi. I reserved the IP address for the printer so the router DHCP doesn't assign anything but that printer to that address. Using Cinnamon 19.2. Oh, Never had an issue with any other version of Mint with this regard.
Error I get
Error I get
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