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Share your Mint experience of Lenovo X240 laptop.

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:35 pm
by linux-dummie
Hello, Minters.
I want a general-purpose, daily-use, robust, durable laptop with all basic Mint software, plus image manipulation and very light video editing. Definitely DO NOT need the fastest cpu, maybe just an i5.
In my research I found a very likely contender for my limited funds (around $150-US) is Lenovo X240. I'd like to load 19 Mate or XFCE on it, no windows ever.
So I invite real-life hardware reviews from those who actually use or used this, to help me in my quest. I'd like everything to work out of the box, but realize it might not. However, I don't have much time to spend tweaking.

Some minuses I've read about:
- The trackpad can be flaky. (Not an issue for me -- I like a mouse better anyway)
- Screen is small. (No issue for me)
- On-board speakers sound small & tinny. (No issue for me)
- Wifi?? (I need reliable wifi)

Thanks for sharing!