Mint 19.? on Thinkpad E495 in Virtualbox

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Mint 19.? on Thinkpad E495 in Virtualbox

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I have a Thinkpad x395 and istalled Linux Mint on Virtualbox. I did the kernel update.
My problem is the graphic card is not working with accelleration. The system is kinda slow.

How can I install the graphic card properly?
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Re: Mint 19.? on Thinkpad E495 in Virtualbox

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If I understand you correctly, you have Linux Mint installed as a VirtualBox guest. You should understand the VirtualBox software does not directly present the GPU/Graphics Card to the VirtualBox guest. It has a software driver that can help with 3D acceleration, but you should not expect any miracles. In a virtual machine, I refrain from using desktop environments using heavy 3D like Cinnamon. I know some will tell you to turn off the 3D effect, and I think well why have Cinnamon in the first place. To take full advantage of Cinnamon, it is best to natively run the Linux Mint operating system.

In the guest VM settings, the VirtualBox Graphics Controller should be set to "VMSVGA". Open the VirtualBox Manager and select your Linux Mint guest VM then click the settings gear icon. A new window will open containing your guest VM settings. Click the Display icon near the top left. In the Screen tab, you should change the Graphics Controller to VMSVGA and click the Enable 3D acceleration. Lastly, click the OK button.

Start your Linux Mint guest VM. Before installing any software, you should perform a TimeShift snapshot and a backup. Next, you need to install the VirtualBox guest additions software. In the Client Menu Bar click Devices and select Insert Guest Additions CDROM Image. If the removable media auto-run is enable it will open a window and begin the guest additions installation. Observe the output and make notes of any errors. After a successful installation you should reboot.
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