Tearing with Intel modesetting with Cinnamon

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Tearing with Intel modesetting with Cinnamon

Post by nightelf7 »

Hello everyone.
I just installed Linux mint 20 beta Cinnamon just to test it how it performs.
I am new user of Linux Mint because I am using right now Ubuntu 20.04 LTS + gnome + wayland.
I have 3 monitors 2xFHD and 1x4k and with Ubuntu+wayland works fine (some issues to share screen) but I really do not like gnome very much.
I think Mint with Cinnamon is more stable and I use it in the past and worked fine.
Right now with just my laptop without any external monitors the video and desktop performance is great.
The video I use to test it is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXb3EKWsInQ&t=7s in 4k.
But things change when I plug my 3 external monitors, the video is very laggy and there are a lot of drops in the video.
When I move a simple window in cinnamon I see tearing.
I know that with old intel drivers and the TearFree option it should be fine but everybody is recommending the new intel modesetting driver and without external monitors it really works great.
my question is, Does anyone know the best modesettting conf to get rid off tearing in multiple monitor environment with intel?
I am event considering to by a eGPU but I really do not know if this would solve my problem...
Thanks you very much for your support.

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Re: Tearing with Intel modesetting with Cinnamon

Post by mr_raider »

Do your three screens have different refresh rates or all they all 60hz?

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