MacBookPro 1,1

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MacBookPro 1,1

Post by mi2501 »

Does anyone still uses this hd with linuxmint?
Is it still supported with updates?
If someone uses, what are the issues still pending and not solved by any upgrade that he is experiencing?

Thankyou if any replies
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Re: MacBookPro 1,1

Post by SMG »

LM19.3 is the last version available for 32 bit computer and it will be updated until April 2023. I did a quick search on the forum and I see people using LM19.3 Xfce.

Do a search on Macbook and you'll find many threads with tips from those using LM on MacBooks. There are issues getting the OS installed, but many people have succeeded. The actual specifics of your hardware will determine the best way to get it working.
LM20.0 Cinnamon
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Re: MacBookPro 1,1

Post by patch-works_be »

I just succeeded to install LM 19.3 Cinnamon on a MacBook 2,1 which is very similar (Core 2 Duo Processor but still 32 bits, same motherboard as 1,1). Here some info that may help.
- I upgraded the MB with 2 GB RAM (spare) and an SSD (cheap)
- I could not start from USB but DVD was ok
- the keyboard setting is fine (French Macintosh in my case)
- USB ports and network port are ok (did not tried the FireWire)
- I faced the iSight firmware issue but could take it from another Mac and install it as described in this forum or otherwhere on the Web (I followed
- the microphone is not listed in the audio, only the line in, but is working well
- the wifi is ok
- I realise I did not tested the DVD reader :)
- a recent Brother laser printer was directly recognised
- the computer works fine to manage e-mails (Thunderbird), browse the Web (Firefox), write letters (LibreOffice Writer), synchronise files with Dropbox
-I could not install Skype (64 bits only), but Zoom could be (I did not tested an actual conference yet)
Hope it helps

PS: I also tried LMDE4 (expecting longer support of 32bits), but faced two issues
- install is ok (from DVD), but computer do not boot on SSD: it appears that the HD is not flagged as boot, when done manually from the Live DVD, boot is ok
- while keyboard was properly selected (French Macintosh) and all files I could identified are correct, I ended up with a Qwerty layout.... I could not fix and therefore went back to LM 19
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