LM20 won't connect to Readyshare, 19.3 does connect

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LM20 won't connect to Readyshare, 19.3 does connect

Post by slartyblartfast »

Two identical Dell E-6510 laptops, one is dual boot Win7 and LM19.3, the other is LM20 only. Using a Netgear C3700 cable Moden Router. Wired LAN connection to router. Seagate external HDD connected to router.

Using the File | Connect to Server menu item in Nemo, connection to the readyshare HDD as a Windows Share is accomplished without problem running LM19.3.

When I attempt to connect using LM20 and all other settings the same I receive fatal error message "Failed to retrieve share list from server. Software caused connection abort."

I even tried moving the LM20-only HDD to the computer that works to rule out hardware problems. No change.

What changed between 19.3 and 20 to change the behavior? How to fix?

Doug (not Adams)
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