Why is computer shutting down?

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Why is computer shutting down?

Post by eiger3970 »

I am trying to find what hardware may be faulty for Linux mint crashing and rebooting.
I suspect a faulty Graphics card, Mobo, PSU or RAM.

Should I look up logs to show what resource might have been maxed out or something?
Which logs?
Or is there a better way...it’s a bit difficult to swap out each hardware piece without spending too much money on new unnecessary hardware.
My machine specs:
Linux Mint 19 Tara 64-bit.
Kernel Linux 4.15.0-54-generic x86_64
MATE 1.20.1
Memory: 1.9 GiB
Processor: Intel Celeron(R) CPU N3060 @ 1.6GHz x 2
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Re: Why is computer shutting down?

Post by 1000 »

1. Check what you have, hardware.
inxi -Fxxxrz
2. Read about logs in Linux: dmesg and journalctl.

- Every dmesg file is created every time you start your computer.
This is a text file and you can open via text editor.
- Journal file is only one.
This is a binary file and you can open via journalctl command.

In any case, you must find the shutdown point.

This command can help you find point of time, when you last started your computer

Code: Select all

Absence of any error and system shutdown in logs may suggest problems with your computer hardware.
It could also be a loose plug.

3. In more difficult matters, there is probably a computer service somewhere in your area.
Some services do not repair the hardware (without warranty), but if you say that you want to use the service " after the warranty ", they may agree repair.

It usually looks like this
- you pay to check the equipment
If they find a fault and you agree to replacement or repair
- then you pay again, but now for the repair.
It seems fair to me.

More Advanved users can
I.) Use Ultimate Boot CD to check RAM, hard drive ( hardware issues )
II.) Conky or Netdata to monitor temp. CPU ( if the temperature is too high, the computer may restart )
III.) Conky or " System monitor " , maybe Netdata to monitor consumed system resources. ( especially RAM )
- but consumed system resources usually only freeze the computer.
IV.) Remove or replace suspect hardware ( for example RAM, hard drive, Graphics Card )
- a bit of knowledge required ( do not connect a power supply weaker than You have / do not connect a different type of memory than you have )
Invalid hardware change or assembly / installation may damage your computer hardware.

Maybe for some users it is not difficult.
But the user must spend a little of his own time reading the program manual or the hardware manual.
Then he can work. And it also takes time.

Learn from similar problems.
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Re: Why is computer shutting down?

Post by Joe2Shoe »

Could be a faulty CMOS battery on the mobo. Seen it a thousand times.
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