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Calibrating Second Monitor Touchscreen

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:34 pm
by zirconium

I'm hoping to use an eyoyo em13L portable monitor as a second monitor with touch screen capabilities but need help calibrating the touch screen.

What is happening is that the touch screen on the em13L extends all the way across its monitor and across my primary monitor. Meaning if I touch the right edge of the em13L screen then the click registers where I touched the screen, if I touch the screen a quarter to the left (from right edge) then the click registers in the centre of the em13L screen, if I touch the em13L's centre screen then it registers between the em13L and my primary monitor, and if I touch the em13L screen a quarter left of the centre then the click registers in the centre of my primary monitor. Hopefully this makes sense, basically the width of the em13L is divided into its own screen (right half) and my primary screen (left half).

I would like the touch screen to only register where I touch on the em13L. Any suggestions?