HOW TO fix issues with NVIDIA GeForce 8100

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HOW TO fix issues with NVIDIA GeForce 8100

Post by neo21 »

The GeForce 8100 onboard graphic card can give you lots of headache...thus I want to share my experience and ease things up a little bit :)

Here is how to get your card working in Linux Mint (7 - 64bit):
  • Get the 190.42 driver from
  • go to console (CTRL+ALT+F1)
  • kill X ("sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop")
  • run the NVIDIA driver installation script ("sudo")
  • follow the instructions and let the script create the xorg.conf
  • reboot
  • edit the xorg.conf (make a backup) => add the following lines (if not already present):
    • Code: Select all

      Load "dbe"
      Load "extmod"
      Load "type1"
      Load "freetype"
      Load "glx"
      add these lines between Section "Module" and the related EndSection
  • make another reboot
  • done (hopefully)
You should now have a working GeForce 8100 and be able to use compiz and enjoy high quality fullscreen videos without flickering or distortions. It might be that you experience minor flickering of your screen if you have compiz enabled and move your mouse to the very top/bottom/right/left and/or use the gnome panel...not sure about that...good luck ;-)

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Re: HOW TO fix issues with NVIDIA GeForce 8100

Post by quartus »

Hmm, is installing/configuring the driver for this model so much different from other nVidia cards then? I've got 0 experience with the 8100-model. I've got a GeForce 9600GT myself, just upgraded the driver to v190.42, all went fine. "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" wouldn't work in first place, the system kept restarting it because it still was in /etc/init.d/. I resolved it by running "sudo rcconf" (had to install it first) and unchecking gdm.

EDIT: While browsing through the forums, I kinda ran into the answer: ... 48&start=0. Handy, indeed :)
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