Incorporated microphone in webcam doesn't work

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Incorporated microphone in webcam doesn't work

Postby speedyx » Tue Feb 09, 2010 2:55 am

I tried the liveCD of Helena KDE in a Sony Vaio CW laptop.
I was interested to make working the microphone incorporated in the webcam with skype.
I installed skype in a liveCD session, set all the kmix channel to the greatest value and tried all the Input devices alternatives in the Skype's Options.
Even if the webcam works well, the microphone doesn't.
I had the same problem with kubuntu karmic and opensuse 11.2 (now installed on that pc).

Is this a kernel problem? An alsa problem? Or what?
The laptop can boot with windows 7 too, and there the microphone works fine!
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Re: Incorporated microphone in webcam doesn't work

Postby Husse » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:55 pm

Can you test with an external microphone?
General solutions for sound

This topic contains links to all (?) the really good solutions for sound in Mint
If you have Intel HDA sound take a look here first
If you want more help please include lspci and which Mint you use
And don't forget to go through all your settings
Right click the speaker next to the clock and check settings as well as any other settings you may find and also open a terminal and start alsamixer from it
Also check in "Users and Groups" that "Use Audio Devices" is checked for you, it is not by default and it should not matter but anyway
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