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LinQ webcam

Post by Xerei »

Yo guys, I've got a webcam that works in cheese, but other applications won't find it, here's some basic info:
LinQ Li-C2005 (that's the model).
output from different commands:
lsusb: Pixart Imaging Inc.

ls /dev/v4l/by-id/:

ls /dev/video*:

That's what it shows..and it still won't work D=.

So..does anybody know how it can be fixed?
As said as done, it runs in Cheese, but no other applications.
Please help? Big please with sugar on top.
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Re: LinQ webcam

Post by marvinudy »


This maybe a long shot for your web cam but it worked for my Logitech QuickCam express. My web cam also worked in cheese but not in Skype. You would probably have to change the 'application to use' command to whatever software you want to use.

Best regards,

marvinudy ... =69&t=1167
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