Netbook hibernates when switching to battery alimentation

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Netbook hibernates when switching to battery alimentation

Post by alessandro1997 »

Hi, let me introduce myself first. I'm a 13 years old boy from Italy. I felt in love with Open Source code about two years ago. I used Ubuntu until now, with satisfaction, but I recently decided to try something else. I cycled through many distributions and found that Linux Mint is perfect for me, so I installed it on my netbook. I had some problems with the translations, but it was sufficient to update the packages' list.

I've got now a problem with the hibernation function. When I switch to the battery alimentation my netbook hibernates (in truth, it tries to hibernates, because the message "Cannot hibernate" is displayed, but that's another problem) even if the battery is at 100%. Why does this happen? It happened with Ubuntu too, but I hoped this problem was solved in Mint.

Looking forward to your reply,
Alessandro Desantis

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Re: Netbook hibernates when switching to battery alimentatio

Post by beefstu »

I had this before, try going to "power management" and changing "when laptop lid is closed" in both on battery and AC tabs to "blank screen" although not perfect, having a black screen is a lot less annoying than it hibernating every time!

This happened a while ago, I believe it may have been fixed in an update so it may be worth trying the level 4 and 5 updates in the update manager, be warned they can make situations worse through regressions but its rare for this to happen
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