Accidentally formatted my main partition

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Accidentally formatted my main partition

Post by DarkRubySage »

I'm not certain if this is the right board for this, so please move this if it isn't.

I have a 500GB hard drive: about 200GB Win 7, 200GB Mint 10(main), 100GB Ubuntu 10.10
Anyway, I was taking openSUSE 11.4 for a spin. I decided it was good enough for an install, so I went through the installer and assigned / to my 100GB partition. it didn't add the 200GB to GRUB, so I did it myself before the install.

Reboot about 15 mins later, there is no GRUB and it goes straight into Win 7. Confused, I booted from a PClinuxOS livecd and look at the partitioning - behold, 200GB and 100GB are not there, and it's just free space.

This is really, really bad. I have months of assignments and a whole archive of isos and the testing image of my Ubuntu Remix that I had promised to my cousin. Guess where all of that is: my apparently gone 200GB main disk.

I know there are ways to recover stuff from formatting, due to the nature of hard disks (deletion is simply telling it there is nothing there), my question is how. I need my stuff, someone please help.

Thanks in advance.

Side note: Notice that weird moment of pure dread when you realize you just deleted absolutely everything?
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Re: Accidentally formatted my main partition

Post by barko »

I'm not sure if there is really "easy way" to undo all that bad things. Maybe you will find your answer here:
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Re: Accidentally formatted my main partition

Post by Arenalgarden »

Live CD. Open terminal
sudo os-prober
hit enter
What do you see ?
If the OS's are still there just
sudo update-grub
hit enter then reboot.
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Re: Accidentally formatted my main partition

Post by ithil »

Get a live cd and Download ddrescue. Once you've done that just type "info ddrescue" in a termianl and follow the instructions. Becareful and good luck
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