Copy to USB devices slow and problematic

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Re: Copy to USB devices slow and problematic

Post by pelleoss »

I updated to LM15.
Then I followed this post: ... ge_Devices.
But /etc/tmpfiles.d/local.conf was not present, neither the folder.
So I created both and I filled the file with the suggested line. I fixed the permissions (rwx/r-x/r-x)
Now I can copy to USB sticks with 3MB/s speed: it can be still quite slow (not sure if it is a 2.0 or 3.0) but at least the progress bar follows the transfer and I have no long wait time at the end with everything stuck.

Don't know if this can work also with LM13.
Sony Vaio VGN-NW11S running LM 15 KDE 64 bit (dual boot Win7)
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Re: Copy to USB devices slow and problematic

Post by zolar1 »

I tried the tweaks. Made things worse. Even the USB mouse hangs. Transfer speed limited to 5mb/s instead of 5000 Mb/s. A speed reduction by a factor of 1000.

The only thing I saw once was that during an install, USB needed 80 microframes but defaulted to 64. Perhaps this is an area to look at?

I assume that 64 is for USB 2.0 and the 80 is for USB 3.0

I wish I knew where to change that setting or if there was a GUI to let me make changes without resorting to the intimidating command line and a lot of typing and trying to remember. Increments of one would custom tailor the speed.

To transfer 23GB of data takes over 2 hours to do when it should take 10 minutes.

5000mb/s x 60 seconds = 3gb/min maximum

23/3 = 7 min or so. You can add a little overhead and make it 10 minutes (about 50% overhead which is extreme).

To test settings, how about using a common 4.3gb ISO, perhaps Star Wars or another similar movie would be suitable. Pick any full size DVD of 4GB ish and try that ISO.
If unavailable the try the same movie with a size of 4+GB in MKV format.

Nothing I do in linux will get it to transfer (write to the flash drive) at the rated speed. But in Windows (7), there isn't any problem.
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