Another automount partition post

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Another automount partition post

Postby 3lud13 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:54 am

I have spent the last hour or so searching and reading different posts and am getting quite confused but from what I can work out if I edit my fstab with a line reading /media/WINDOWS my windows partition will automount on startup but them im also seeing information about creating another directory in /mnt/ntfs and some other ntfs config program and I am just getting more and more confused.
What I want is for my windows partition to automount on startup it is sda2 with the label WINDOWS mount point is /media/WINDOWS

I have enclosed a image of my fstab as all that information is currently in it though Im not sure what I have to modify to get it to automount
my fstab
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Re: Another automount partition post

Postby altair4 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:32 am

What's not clear from our post is if you actually created the mount point: /media/WINDOWS

[1] If you currently have it mounted through Nautilus unmount it.

[2] Then create a permanent mount point:

Code: Select all

sudo mkdir /media/WINDOWS

BTW, you can mount it anywhere you want to mount it.

[3] Your line in fstab will work although I would have done it a little differently so just run the following command:

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sudo mount -a

That command will do 2 things:

** It will check for errors in the line you added.
** If there are no errors it will just return to the prompt and mount the partition with the instructions in fstab. So just go to /media/WINDOWS and see if it's there.
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Re: Another automount partition post

Postby DrHu » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:42 am

In general, the /etc/fstab entries are for static (fixed) mount points, such as you might use if you created your own entries, in /mnt or /media or actaually anywhere you wanted to..

The other mounts are created on the fly by the OS when it reads the partitions or devices, as you will notice for usb flash drives
--most other mounts are created under /media/.. (the mount point used by the device)
--in the file manager you use, you should see the mounted device or partition being listed

Linux uses file locations for everything, that is unlike windows which uses drive letters then a location, Linux uses /, and puts everything else under that mount point (/, being the root of the file system)
--so you have /home/username (your logged in user)
and so on.. ... y_Standard
--howto on fstab..

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Re: Another automount partition post

Postby Flemur » Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:16 pm

I'm pretty sure you don't even need a line in fstab: the partition will automagically - via "places", a file manager, (g)parted, etc - mount to /media/WINDOWS if the partition is labled "WINDOWS".

FWIW, here's my fstab line for a NTFS partition labelled "NTFS":

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LABEL=NTFS /ntfs  ntfs defaults 0 0

"/ntfs" is an empty directory that I created first on the ext4 system.
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Re: Another automount partition post

Postby mrdreamers » Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:29 am

i dont see mint in my grub after install, i checked gparted and i think its not mount so im thinking this is why, how can i mount it and keep it that way? or just fix it somehow so i can use mint i can even use mint plz help!!

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