Partition mounted multiple times

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Partition mounted multiple times

Post by appalbarry »

(This may stem from a series of forced reboots in recent weeks while figuring out another issue.)

Somehow I seem to have multiple mounts for a single partition (see screen grab)

The folder "PICTURES" also appears as "PICTURES1" and "PICTURES2" and items that download to one may not be accessible if you come at them from another direction. PICTURES and PICTURES1 seem to be owned by the user (barry) but PICTURES2 is owned by root.

For instance I now find that if I download a video it winds up in a version of "PICTURES" that Plex does not see.

I'm about to start rebooting and unmounting all over the place, but thought I'd look for pointers beforehand.
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Re: Partition mounted multiple times

Post by austin.texas »

appalbarry wrote:Somehow I seem to have multiple mounts for a single partition
Those are not multiple mounts of partitions. Those are folders.
I have not used Plex, but this appears to be something that Plex is doing behind the scenes.
The solution may be as simple as accessing the Plex Preferences, and setting the download folder to the one you want to use.
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Re: Partition mounted multiple times

Post by altair4 »

There may be another explanation.

Let's say I create a folder called Pictures at /media/altair/Pictures.
Let's also say I have an external USB stick whose LABEL happens to be "Pictures"

When I insert that stick into my system it wants to automatically mount to /media/altair/Pictures because Linux was designed that way but it can't since there already is a folder with that name. What it does is mount to /meida/altair/LABEL1 or in this case: /media/altair/Pictures1. If I have another internal or external partition that has that label it will mount to /media/altair/Pictures2 and so on.

It's the reason why users are warned when setting up fstab to avoid mounting anything under /media/user-name because of the potential interference with unmounted partitions.
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