GParted issue. Sda1 and unallocated partition issue

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GParted issue. Sda1 and unallocated partition issue

Postby ADHITHYA SRIRAM » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:55 pm

Hello. I m new to mint here, currently using mint 18.1 sonya cinnamon edition.
I m facing a issue on partition. Currently I can't find any unallocated partition. And sda1 having most of the memory here. How can I partition. Help me.
Screenshot from 2017-08-20 22-22-36.png

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Re: GParted issue. Sda1 and unallocated partition issue

Postby rene » Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:51 pm

It is not fully clear what you are asking. If you were expecting to find additional free space on your 320GB drive... note that 320 GB=(320*1000^3)/1024^3 GiB = 298 GiB. That is, your disk is bona fide full.

Your current swap-partition size is strange and small. If you want to repartition so as to enlarge it: you'd in gparted shrink down sda1 (don't have a copy of gparted near, but its in the menu's) and then grow sda5. Creating swap on a logical partition (sda5) inside of an extended partition (sda2) is standard Mint-installer behaviour but if you don't care for the layout you can also after said shrinking of sda1 delete sda5 and sda2 and recreate the swap partition directly as the primary partition sda2. Note that in that case the UUID will change unless you transfer it manually; the first boot after will complain until you have fixed things up.

Or are you asking something else?

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