I haven't plugged a soon to be not-external usb 2.0 drive in a long time and it mounts only in /mnt with root only

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I haven't plugged a soon to be not-external usb 2.0 drive in a long time and it mounts only in /mnt with root only

Postby fruitkiller » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:10 pm

...despite it showing up in Places, and I can copy stuff in it...which is weird.

What's the chmod number again to make this current user drive mine, and most importantly have it show up in /mount or /home/user/externaldrive.

I say it soon won't be external because I have 3 internals, one external, and I desperately need a drive to only do backup on, for windows 7 and for Mint 17.3. I've made an .iso (well no I was told it was a bad idea, and I realized the programs for backup in Mint only look for .img images so I converted it to a .img file. But it's taking a lot of place (175gb on my 1TB usb only external), This external is a regular hard drive in a case, a 3.5 inch one, which is a regular drive that can be set to sata and put inside a desktop and run at well, it's a 500gb red caviar WD, so, it's not huge, but I don't need huge, 370gb for the windows 7 backup and 75gb for the linux partition backup. I made a file for this one not long ago, but I wonder how the process will be when I decided, okay this drive's other partition (my Linux partition is the second partition on a drive) and the first one is an ntfs partition that's about the same size, not a big drive, remember when they had drives in between 320gb and 500gb?, yes my friends this is a 375gb hard drive, and I want to move the data, that I consider important from that partition that unfortunately is first, Mint is actually on sda2 for me. Once the data is moved to the now internal drive temporarily while I'm waiting for a 256gb thumb drive to get home by mail, I will be able to delete that sda1 and move this Mint installation on sda1, where it belongs,I'm surprised I didn't get more problems from it being not the first partition, it is on the "first" hard drive according to the system so..I don't know how I will go about putting back that img file of the partition (that I made when on a live DVD of mint 17.3. Will it even work? I guess with gparted I can see it work...kinda.

I don't want to buy an expensive hard drive copier that works on bluetooth or wifi like I saw that are enornmous 5tb devices that can make copies of hard drives and their partitions without even connecting the thing to the computer, nor use clonezilla, it seems too prone to human error even if I would print out the instructions....everything seems so vague, like all programs found on things like Hiren's Boot CD. So losing a slow usb 2.0 hard drive to get a 4th internal (and I still have place for 2 hard drives or 1 DVD/CD burner/player and I'm good with one already, it's top of it's kind already. Nor pay for a ugh...cloud service. I do have VPS access but I don't have the money to get to the next level of space that they rent you. I'm thinking of doing what I did in the past, back everything up on usenet, use garbage characters and passworded rars for my backups. Of course my cable ISP which was at the forefront of everything closed their usenet server for false reasons, we got an email in our ISP email addresses inboxes, about how they were shutting it down in early october 2008. That was horrible, for a while the private providers were all scammers except a few names I won't make publicity for, but the one service I had been using on and off, its monthly payments, is now a scam company, overnight their site changed and their policy changed...So I'm not sure which usenet service to pay for right now, not willing to pay more than 9,99 USD, but that's my problem for now, please help out on the beginning of the post, I have a terminal open in the drive, I did su, entered the root password, and I have chmod +x but forgot what the number is to give ownership of the drive to my main user. 777? I think that's too high and might be root, which it already is.

I wish Shaw had such a hack possible......but I realize now I diverged into an entirely different post about telecommunications in Canada and how ISP's work. Sorry about that....I'll put it down as a P.S. and if anybody who's Canadian remembers what I'm speaking of, let's talk about it on the proper forum heh.

P.S. Anyway, that company was ahead of everyone in Canada back as summer 1998 they started with the cable modem installs, we had one, 10/10 for 29,95, uncapped, of course, had to buy the modem though, expensive, 400 dollars, but it's how they financed their whole extremely quick installation of their cable modem service in the markets they control (yeah it's like the US here, well for cable companies, for FTTH/FTTN, ADSL2+/VDSL (I forgot which is fast enough to get you 600mbps/600mbps speed like in South Korea, so service that comes with the obligatory TV and landline, well not obligatory, it does make services more expensive if you don't buy the whole package. Although, I did get rid finally of their TV service for a satellite service I already had an antenna on my roof for their service because when i bought this place, the 2 apartments on top, paying the mortgage by themselves, and that Canadian company here only does Satellite TV and radio service, but in western Canada, they're a big cable company, too, but here, my cable company for internet and landline I use since when those 400 dollars modems were big HEAVY metal boxes, and you could easily crack them to have no artificial limit on them, doing some 250mbps in 2000 in both directions...until they figured a way of knowing who did it...and thankfully my teenager arse and my parents didn't get in trouble. Unlike if you were one of those using the Bell Satellite (now reserved for places where their FTTH doesn't make it, the TV and internet go on the same fibre optics, just different "channels"....anyway, if Bhell figured out you had one of those cards that gave you access to ALL 900 channels or so for free, of course there was no HD thing about it and people don't discard switching to a way to pay much less money because it's too much of a bother,all ISP's, including the small ones that offer IPTV, all offer the same 105 HD channels, prices and devices diverge and BHell when they put you on Fibe TV or Satellite nowadays (the satellite consoles cannot be hacked anymore, at all, like the cable modems), anyway they would charge 3000 dollars to any customer who would let a Bhell or subcontractor for Bhell enter his premises and they'd find a those cards. Although for a long time, even the technicians had contacts on how to get those cards.

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