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Common /h partition for Linux 18.3 and LMDE Betsy

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:57 pm
by jungle
I would like to know how to partition a hard drive so that I can use either Linux Mint Mate 18.3 or Linux Mint LMDE 'Betsy' and have both operating systems work with the same /home partition....if that is possible.

For many years now I have kept a separate root partition for Mate and /home as well as a swap partition (and separate boot partition for a while but not presently), but now I am interested in using LMDE to see how it works. The only slight pain is that each time I upgrade Mate I have to reinstall my Brother multifunction printer, scanner drivers etc. In speaking with a Brother technician he suggested I use LMDE (as he does) to avoid that ....not sure though if LMDE is as good as Mate for what I like to do. I generally use GParted to do the partitioning.

I have also seen some comment on using a common 'data' partition (alongside/instead of a home partition) but so far (since Felicia) I have had no problems with my separate /home partition setup.


Re: Common /h partition for Linux 18.3 and LMDE Betsy

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:50 pm
by Neil Edmond
The two could share a common data partition, but not the same home.

Re: Common /h partition for Linux 18.3 and LMDE Betsy

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:08 pm
by jimallyn
The problem arises because your user settings are stored in /home/yourusername. So, what happens when an update is applied to LMDE, and that update is not available for Mint 18.3? Or the other way around? I have read several times of people using a single /home partition, and it nearly always turns out unsatisfactory for them.

Neil Edmond has the right solution: make a Data partition that both OSes can use.

Re: Common data partition for Linux 18.3 and LMDE Betsy

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:10 am
by jungle
Thanks very much for that advice. I can see that a common data partition is the way to go.

Do I still need a small /home partition(s) for each operating system? If so, how many gigabytes for each?

How do I set up a data partition without losing all of the data on the current /home partition. I am a novice in regard to using the Terminal and can only use it if someone skilled in that regard can give me the input to enter to achieve this outcome, or ...

do I need to back up all of the data on my /home partition and reformat the current home partition into a small home partition and a large data partition (or do I just create a data partition instead of the home partition.

My current setup is:
/dev/sdc1 (50 Gb) Ext 4 (Linux Mint 18.3) - mounted at filesystem root
/dev/sdc3 (920Gb) Ext 4 - mounted at /home (230 Gb free)
/dev/sdc4 (25Gb) Extended partition (Linux Mint LMDE) - (bootable)
/dev/sdc5 (25Gb) Ext 4 - Not mounted
/dev/sdc2 (4Gb) Linux Swap

Very much appreciate your help with this.