Wake nas to access folder on desktop

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Wake nas to access folder on desktop

Post by Couch_Potato » Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:06 am


I havn't posted here in a bit and the couple of searches I have tried have not turned up anything relevant. Quite simply, I have my Downloads, Documents,Pictures and video folders on a separate partition on my local machine. I have a symbolic link to a folder on my NAS which is asleep most of the time. From nemo I click on the Downloads folder, nothing happens until I wake my nas using wakeonlan. After a few seconds, nemo refreshes and my folders and files appear. Is there a setting somewhere that I can tell my system to ignore the "sleeping link" when I attempt to access that folder? Sorry if this question has been asked, before. I just couldn't really put together a search phrase that would accurately portray the issue I am experiencing.

Desktop: Linux Mint Mate Desktop Terra 19.1
Laptop Dell e6420: Ubuntu Mate 18.04
Dell PE T710 Proxmox 5.1.3

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