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Using a Rapiddisk Ramdisk

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 4:40 am
by Menard

I have just created a bootable ramdisk with Rapiddisk.
The problem is that I find scripts to use it as physical drive cache but not for simply redirect various caches on it.
I find sripts also for Tmpfs but not for Rapiddisk

- I have no swap and I have 8 Go DDR3
- I create this ramdisk by a bash script in usr/bin and a systemd service
- The ramdisk is mounted in /media/ $ mkdir /media/ramdrive and $ mount /dev/rd0 /media/ramdrive

- The ramdisk is in format Ext 4 and appears in Gnome-disks but not in Nemo

The problem begins when I see that I get no name to use it , or is it rd0 ? for me it is rd0 for what ? only for Rapiddisk ?
So i'm new on Linux ... i am able to create a ramdisk on boot with a complex script BUT I don't know what is /media/ramdrive folder or /dev/rd0 file : ????

So on another thread I read "The easyiest way to use a ramdisk is to create a link in your home directory that points to /run/shm directory" :|
> I feel that it is probably very interesting for me BUT It's chinese !!

On other threads others advice to use fstab editing, but others got problems doing this
So I know how to recover from my mistakes or from crashes because 1- I have a Mint 18.2 64 bootable USB Stick and also Clonezilla Live USB stick with system' partition back ups