Installing a second Linux distro inside a Logical Volume...

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Installing a second Linux distro inside a Logical Volume...

Post by levbob »

Some time ago I decided to completely overwrite my Win10 system and install Mint (18 at that time) - which went really well except that the installation instructions suggested that a Logical Volume was the best strategy. I now have a single LV occupying the entire hard disk (457 GiB) of which the Mint system uses less than 50 GiB.
I would now like to try installing MXLinux on the same HHD - but have no idea what is possible with LVs. I have discovered that I can't do much to an LV using GParted!
I would appreciate any advice on how to manage this space to support 2 (or more) distros.
To show the level of my ignorance, some of the questions that I'm pondering include:
1) Do I need (and is it safe) to reduce the size of the existing LV without damaging the existing Mint system?
2) And if so, how?
2) Is it possible to install a second system inside the existing LV?
4) If so, how and will it boot OK?
5) Am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?
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Re: Installing a second Linux distro inside a Logical Volume...

Post by WharfRat »

Just to clarify things here, you cannot install a second OS inside a logical volume.

The logical volume of a volume group is the equivalent of a HDD partition.

You could reduce the size of the root logical volume to gain free space to create another logical volume within the group.

However a problem might arise with the boot partition as two OSs might clash.

The better approach - and more dangerous - would be to reduce the LVM physical volume size after reducing the logical volume to be able to have additional space on the physical disk.

It might be easier if you consider running MXLinux in a VB rather than mess with the above complexities :wink:
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