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Link, bind, mount? Need to know best way to access secondary hard drive folders

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:30 pm
by KneadToKnow
I've recently migrated a hard drive from an old Windows computer into my Linux Mint box as a secondary disk drive. Because of my familiarity with Windows, I habitually created fairly detailed nested folders, and then when I regularly needed to access something that was deeply nested, I would just create a shortcut to it on my desktop.

Linux Mint is challenging me with this process because of my lack of familiarity with how things are done, so I'm hoping someone can get me on track.

So, what I'd like to wind up with is a Windows-type "shortcut" on my desktop to a folder on this secondary hard drive that persists after rebooting. (I tried simply using the "create link" menu command, but the link that was created did not work after a reboot.)

Thanks in advance!