Eksternal SSD seen properly?

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Eksternal SSD seen properly?

Post by Akelbee »

I run Mint 19.1 on Dell XPS laptop with only USB-C ports and have purchased a new and nice (small and very light) Samsung T5 USB SSD exsternal disk to go with it. The T5 which is delivered with exfat file system seems to me to work well, and with my amateur eye I can't see anything special about it in the information provided by GParted and Disk tool.

However, in the Devices list in the left main panel of Nemo the T5 is not displayed with a USB icon in front of its name, like my other external Western Digital My Passport USB HDDs that run on ntsf file system and connected by USB 3 via an adaptor hub. Rather, the T5 is displayed with a "Forbidden"/"No" icon (circle with a angled diagonal). Can this icon indicate that something is amiss after all?

There seems to be some more differences in how these disks act in Mint. If I click on the release icon to the right of the name of the disk in Nemo main menu, for the Samsung T5 this also leads to the whole Nemo window being closed, rather than just readress to home, if the disk content is presented in Nemo before removal. Also if I right-click on the name of disks in the main menu of Nemo, I sometimes get the Dismount option instead of Safe Removal, something that has not (so far) happenend with the T5.

(Both the WD MyPassport and the Samsung T5 have only stated Windows and Mac, and not Linux as supported OS. However, I have understood this only to have relevance for possible installation of various programs supplied on the disks for encryption, back-up etc that I have looked away from.)

A. Spesified brand of other HDD I compare with.
B Added the two last paragraphs.
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