Can some one explain how to install a aditional hard drive

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Postby Husse » Tue Aug 07, 2007 5:10 pm

My mistake - I did not read it right, frank is in his home directory - and if frank creates a directory there he should not use sudo - I did not see the all important / before backup :) Scorp123 did and he is absolutely right (as always - almost :))
So we could say the mistake is to create /backup/frank and not backup/frank
All "your" data "should be" in home - makes it a lot easier - but you would not have learned a lot then...
I can't recommend a good book for Unix/Linux besides Linux for dummies (And this is no insult - there are as you may know a series of good books for dummies)
Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it

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Postby scorp123 » Wed Aug 08, 2007 4:23 am

frank392 wrote: any good book on UNIX tha you could recommend?
To my apprentices I always recommend this one: UNIX for Dummies. It's written in a very funny way and gives you a good general overview, and yet you can learn a lot. There is a similar one: Linux for Dummies. That one focusses more on Linux (and not so much on UNIX in general as the other one does), but it too is written in a very funny and entertaining way.

BTW, when in those books they mention a certain "Bill" who invented things and that you should not dare to criticise those inventions (or "Bill" might get angry ...) .... They are talking of Bill Joy from SUN Microsystems ... and not that certain other "Bill" from a certain company in Redmond ... (that "Bill" definitely never invented anything):

"... He was largely responsible for the authorship of Berkeley UNIX, also known as BSD, from which spring many modern forms of UNIX, including FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Apple Computer has also based much of the Mac OS X operating system line on BSD technology. Some of his most notable contributions were TCP/IP, the vi editor, NFS, and the csh shell. He rewrote BSD in one weekend, according to Nerds 2.0.1. ..."

So that's why. Someone who can rightfully claim to have invented TCP/IP, the "vi" editor and having been the key-person to create BSD UNIX is pretty much off-limits for criticism by us mortal beings. That would be blasphemy :lol:

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Postby frank392 » Fri Aug 10, 2007 1:56 pm

Hi Scorp,
Thank you master Scorp, it would be a honor to train under your supervision.
and thank you for taking me as an apprentice :D :D
I got the book Linux for dummies, up to now is great! thank you for the recommendation.
Have a great weekend.

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