Brother HL-2135W woes

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Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby enuenu » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:18 am

Just installed Mint 15 for first time after a long lay off from Linux. First thing I did was try to install my Brother HL-2135W printer without success. It seemed to recognize it and install it quite quickly. However "print a test page" resulted in a very long wait then endless sheets of blank paper being spewed from the printer. Cancelling the job would not stop it. I had to turn printer power off and open it up to remove sheets that were halfwat through the rollers.I repeated the entire process twice with same result. Any help appreciated. I found a Website with Linux drivers; ... index.html

but I have no idea which file to download or what to do with it.

Any help appreciated. Last time I used Linux 5 years ago, printing was problematic. Feel like I'm in groundhog day already.

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Re: Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby daveinuk » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:34 am

I don't have your printer but just checked it out on the site you posted about, the site points to the driver in this link which is for the 2130, it is a .deb file so you just download/save it then go to your downloads folder and double click to open and download/install the driver.


Edit: Link . . .. :lol:

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Re: Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby enuenu » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:56 pm

Thanks. Downloaded the package suggested;

Double click it and the package installer installs it OK.
Then from Menu I go to Administration > Printers and am told no printers configured.

I click Add Printer and see my USB printer at the top of the list.
I click Forward and it is Searching for Drivers.

I am then presented with New Printer - Choose Driver
Select printer from Database is suggested. I have been through this the first time around and the printer did not work.
I could Provide PPD file but do not know where this may be, perhaps when I installed the cupswrapper package a PPD file was saved somewhere.

I am at a dead end. Any help appreciated.

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Re: Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby IWPCs » Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:48 pm

Once you've installed the files from the Brother site, point CUPS to /usr/share/cups/model/HL2130.ppd using 'Choose File'. Worked for me...

BTW, for anybody trying something similar, I found this by opening the RPM version of the driver and navigating to the cupswrapper file located at the end of the folder chain. Opening this file gave its location.

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Re: Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby moonstarter666 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:02 pm

I've just bought the same printer (Brother HL-2135W) and the same happens to me in the Linux Mint 16 as was described in the original post.

Please visit the following link from brother website:

It also has an explanation what to do with the downloaded driver file.

It says:
Step5. Run the tool:

Code: Select all

bash linux-brprinter-installer-*.*.*-* Brother machine name

Instead of "Brother machine name" write "HL-2135W"

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Re: Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby pdc_2 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:35 pm

welcome to the forum moonstarter; not entirely clear what you have done; so if I work through things, and you can confirm things;

so you opted for the Brother installer tool; which should be a good idea;

it comes down as linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1.gz

from the page ... &type3=625 it would seem the commands would be:

cd Downloads (assuming one downloaded the file to this directory and saved it there)
gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1.gz
sudo bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1 HL-2135W

then Brother say
When you see the message "Will you specify the DeviceURI ?", For USB Users: Choose N(No) we are assuming you have a standalone computer with printer connected by usb cable: correct assumption?

if you use the UP arrow from your keyboard; when the terminal is open; you can go back and see the history of the commands you used: can you confirm the above commands please?

and to check what was installed can you copy and paste this command into a terminal please
dpkg -l | grep Brother

and copy and paste back what you get please

and if you click on this link http://localhost:631/printers/ it should open CUPS (printer control) in a web browser page but it is only looking on your system the HL-2135W listed there; I enclose a snapshot below of what our MG3100 setting looks like;

On looking to see what files are needed......from a link I used to have to the Brother site......seems to me Brother have had a big backroom tidy-up: one can no longer find the individual lpr and cupswrapper packages: Brother have standardised on using the script: so one can only use the script these days

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Re: Brother HL-2135W woes

Postby moonstarter666 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 12:15 am

I am sorry to hear that you're still having the issue since September 2013.

I have windows 7 and Linux on the same laptop(MSI).

1. I made the printer work on windows (wireless) - as described in Quicksetup guide for 2135W
(there is a step where you configure the wireless access of the printer [to the router])

2. In the linux I downloaded and executed the previously attached commands
(In this step I didn't connect the printer to Lniux OS via USB - totally wireless.
Since I have another linux laptop and linux PC, wanted to make sure I could make the driver installation without any wired connections)

3. When I encountered the URI question in the terminal - answered "Yes" (since I've a wireless network topology)
4. I got some options for URI -> "IP address" was chosen (I put the IP address of the printer, that I got during windows installation)

After opening the http://localhost:631/printers/ - I got the Queue list with 1 entry HL2310
After clicking it - I got the following output:
HL2130 (Idle, Accepting Jobs, Not Shared, Server Default)
Description: HL2130
Driver: Brother HL2130 for CUPS (grayscale, 2-sided printing)
Connection: socket://
Defaults: job-sheets=none, none media=iso_a4_210x297mm sides=one-sided

The output of the dpkg -l | grep Brother is:

Code: Select all

ii  cupswrapperhl2130                           2.0.4-2                                 i386         Brother HL2130 CUPS wrapper driver
ii  hl2130lpr                                   2.1.0-1                                 i386         Brother HL-2130 LPR driver
ii  printer-driver-ptouch                       1.3-6                                   i386         printer driver Brother P-touch label printers

I hope it will help you.

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