[SLOVED] Brother QL-700 printer

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[SLOVED] Brother QL-700 printer

Postby phoenixcomm » Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:38 pm

I just got this printer that I would like to use in my store when I checked to see if the drivers where installed the mint installer said that they are already installed. I can get my printer on-line etc. but It will not print a test page.. :(

My next option is to test it on my windows 7 laptop.. :wink: :!:

has anybody gotten this printer to work with linux/mint (32bit/12)????

also what app would I need to use to create my labels with it as Brother editor only works on you guessed it windows... :(
If libraOffice where can I get the templates??

Cris H.
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Brother QL-700 printer use ptouch driver

Postby pdc_2 » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:15 am

OpenPrinting is a good source of information for ............open source printing support......

your QL-700 is not specified but others report "mostly" success with the QL-500 and 550 and 650

here is a link for the QL-500

http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Bro ... her-QL-500

this looks like the link to the sources


looks like you need the ptouch driver

they give instructions as to how to install; each line they give is a separate command......

best use sudo for the final command ie

sudo make install

.......most comments I have seen before say the earlier commands can be done by the user

let us know how it all goes for you

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