SOLVED: Problem with HP 3637 install

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Solved: HP 3637 install

Post by pdc_2 »

pleased it is all working now for you; we all learn from these things;

I did see the error message
RuntimeWarning: PyOS_InputHook is not available for interactive use of PyGTK
and when I google I see this post from 5 yrs ago:

the error message .............. seems ............ to be about the HP icon that appears on the toolbar; 5yrs ago they thought it was because it was loading too fast; one could tweak that but if all is working well ...................

..... as it is your thread, you can go back and add SOLVED to the title; so anyone coming after you can find out what worked; best wishes
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Re: SOLVED: Problem with HP 3637 install

Post by johnb1972 »

done, thanks again, you saved me a lot of hair getting torn out. :lol:
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