scanning with xsane from canoscan lide 60

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scanning with xsane from canoscan lide 60

Post by jimjolearn » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:46 am

I have an canoscan lide 60 connected 2 an mint 18.2 operating system.
I installed xsane, xsanae-commons, xsane-doc and libsane.

The scanner is detected by xsane but when it is trying to scan it results in "Failed to start scanner: Document feeder jammed".
There is an dead link to an mini how2 on this page:
With the information there i could handle it myself, but without i hope you can help me.
I have the same problems like Alan F in this thread [] except that my cable is working and tested.
Alan F stated that he did 3 things that helped him following the mini how2:
1. "sane-find-scanner command was OK"
>>>i guess he means Xsane is detecting the scanner. That works !!
2. "dll.conf modified as shown"
3. "45-libsane.rules did not exist but I created it and added the lines as shown"

If you could figure out what step 2 and 3 include, or could provide other solutions you would be very helpful.

With regards, Johann

[We are providing a school in the Netherlands (free, natural learning based on selfdetermination and basicdemocratic values) with debian-kde-edu terminals including a lot of tweaks. The scanner will be placed in the kids office]

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Re: scanning with xsane from canoscan lide 60

Post by pdc_2 » Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:58 pm

Hi Johann; welcome to the forums;

SANE suggests the level of support for your device is good;

I suggest you join their mailing list ... sane-devel as that allows you to talk directly to the SANE guys; tell them your issues; currently level of support is good but they may be able to offer better as you have the hardware; let us know how it goes please

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