Canon Pixma IP110 printer

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Canon Pixma IP110 printer

Post by Anoep » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:21 pm


I have Canon Pixma IP110 printer. And when i plug in cable the printer was installed by Linux itself. But i worry my printerdoes not have same options as under Windows?
Like i want to check level of ink, i can do under Windows (it show pop up menu) but not under Linux since i do not have that software. how can i check for level ink?

and i find drivers here: ... 20(64-bit)

it says drivers are from 2014, very old. Can i still use these drivers today under Mint 18.3 Cinnamon?

Thank you.

i also found this website, it says has drivers version 5.00 but i do not see how old drivers are. ... nload.html

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Re: Canon Pixma IP110 printer

Post by Joe2Shoe » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:35 pm

I have a Canon Pixma MX340 and the software will not show ink levels. Those features are enabled in Windoze, but not Linux. AFAIK.
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Re: Canon Pixma IP110 printer

Post by pdc_2 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:02 pm

Hi there Anoep; that seems a very nice printer there that you have; so if Mint auto-configured the printer for you; it likely has set up Gutenprint: you can check this by right-clicking on the icon for the iP110 in the PRINTERS folder; look in MAKE & MODEL ...... and it should say Gutenprint.

So the other alternative is the driver that Canon supplies; you seem concerned that
it says drivers are from 2014, very old.
..... I guess that is because the printer is from 2014 too; and I guess it hasn't changed much since then;

it is the cnijfilter2-5.00-1-deb.tar.gz as you say; from around that time, that driver seems to cover many or all of the inkjet printers released; so one ring to rule them all; you can indeed use this driver now;

when the next version of Mint is released; perhaps in July this year; it will have airprint-compatibility; taken from Ubuntu; your ip110 is airprint-compatible; so if you upgrade; it should show a "driverless" driver option!! .. which seems to signify airprint;


another option to consider; is to install Turboprint; these folks have been doing high-quality printer drivers for nearly 30 yrs now; since the days of the Amiga; ... IXMA_iP110 they offer many options; for the full version, they ask for a contribution; to put food on the table; what you get is a very good product; with ink level monitoring etc

I confess on our Canon MG printers, I feel the exercise is good for me: so I get up and press the screen to get it to tell me the ink levels;

I enclose a screenshot of what Canon say; you need to do it from a terminal; from the desktop, if you click on Anoep's home; (if that is what you use as username..); then look at the left; come down 3 to File System; then you need to drill down to /usr/share/doc/cnijfilter2/ ........... which is inside /usr/ and then get into share and then into doc and then you should see a folder for cnijfilter2/ ........ inside that, Canon feel there should be a file lproptions-ip110-500EN.txt or somesuch; open that text file and it should have details of the options; maybe you copy what is in that file; and post it back here

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