The joy of making all the WiFi connected stuff print again :(

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The joy of making all the WiFi connected stuff print again :(

Post by AZgl1500 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:23 pm

My ISP sent out a new modem to replace the bad one we had.

Oh great, now all of the local network devices are down :(

the one that gave me the most trouble, is the Epson Multi-Function printer.

the software refused to work with it, as my desktop's WiFi is broken, and the install software is Windoze...
you can't use the USB cable as that will turn off the WiFi portion of the printer :( :?

So, it was back to buttons..... have you tried to configure WiFi on these things?

the instructions are not very well explained, you make just one tiny error, and poof!

so you start all over again, about 250 click click click with Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Up Arrow, Blue Button here, and Red button there.

and that LCD display? it is almost 1.5 inches wide.
Try reading the 2 point fonts on that without a Magnifying glass

argh! oh well, at least it all works again, 1 hours and 30 minutes later :twisted: :evil:

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