Printer works under one wireless, but not 3 others

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Printer works under one wireless, but not 3 others

Post by old__timer »

I have multiple systems using Mint 19.3-64 bit

I have them all set up so that printing can be done using an Epson WF-7620 via a usb cable that is connected to ONE of the computers.

I also use a wireless network so that each computer can connect to the Internet, however the individual computers are NOT connected to each other as part of a Network.

So far everything works great. BUT, now we are looking at getting rid of our primary wireless Verizon MiFI Internet connection and replacing it with multiple cell phones that have hotspots.

All of the hot spots work great, EXCEPT for connecting to the printer. I can still print using the old MiFi wireless, but not under any of the 3 cellphones.

I have downloaded new drivers, but do not know where to install them and every time I try to use the printer setup, it wants me to use a driver that kicks out trash instead of what I want to print.

Here are the setitngs I have for printers so far.

EPSON_WF_7620_Series@EPSON325447.local (mifi)
EPSON WF-7620 Series, driverless, cups-filters 1.20.2
This works great under the MiFi but will not connect to any of the phone hotspots.

EPSON WF-7620 Series
7525 Series - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.13
This one will connect to the printer, using a cell phone hot spot, but the printing is all trash.

If anyone has an idea on how I can set them up to work correctly, I would appreciate it. I even thought I might be able to install the drivers manually from the deb file, but don’t know where the files should be placed.

Thanks for any help, insight and possible solutions. BTW< I might add, I am VERY VERY old and have trouble understanding a lot of current computer talk.

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